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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is working on easier loading of the website and the tendency to achieve the best position on search engines (Google). This is achieved by customizing the algorithms used by search engines for content positioning. There are many strategies for this, but as search engines change their algorithms from day to day, so the strategies often change too.

There is a division of SEO optimization on the onpage and offpage SEO.

Offpage SEO optimization is related to building image and reputation on iternet or for the process of optimizing the website outside its pages and  wihtout any work in the code.

Thats what the TDM web studio does is primarily onpage SEO optimization, it involves keyword analysis, optimization of meta tags, content tagging, title and subtitle optimization, using strong, italic and blockquote tags, output links to quality sites, internal links to essential keyword pages , improved page loading time (optimal time is below 3 seconds), rensponsive website design, social networking buttons (facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram) and more.

To the first page of the search engine is very difficult to arrive, but this position is very easily lost. That’s why SEO optimization is a very important factor for every website.

SEO website optimization is a process that takes as long as your website exists.

Sometimes it takes months to get to that first “magical” page of Google and when you finally gets there, work on SEO optimization shouldn’t stop because, as we have said, this position can easily be lost and it’s not excluded that overnight from the first you can be, let’s say, on the fifth page.

The process related to SEO optimization of your site

SEO consulting

Understanding your business and your desired goals online, with tips on what to improve in order to make our SEO campaign successful.

SEO analysis

Analysis of the technical part of the site, analysis of content and links.


Competition research, their ranking and what needs to be done to overcome them.

Key words

You need to define the best keyword terms and optimize pages for them. Their proper use raises the rank on Google and attracts users.

Creating content

We create quality, relevant and interesting content optimized for your keywords.

SEO reports

We submit a monthly report on the activities related to the SEO of your site, the impacts on the website’s ranking and the achieved goals.

COPYWRITING with emphasis on SEO

Copywriting is the art of writing and expression so that the essence is expressed in attractive and short messages addressed to the client. It is, in fact, writing content that is used for marketing purposes, and the goal is to persuade reader to react or to buy a particular product or service, to accept ideas, attitudes, etc.

For texts that make web presentations, copywriting has a special role that relates to SEO text optimization for better ranking on search engines. This is accomplished by making frequent use of keywords or phrases in the content of a website. The skill of the copywriter is especially pronounced here because the text must adapt to readers, but also to robots, i.e. browser software that records content, classifies it and ranks it.


Writing original texts with SEO optimization. The price of one side is 20 €. One page contains about 2000 characters with spaces, or about 300 words.

Correction, proofreading and SEO on submitted texts. Price 7 € per page.